A face mask that lets you breathe pure, making you
99.9 % safe from
COVID-19 virus

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COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the world across due to the highly contagious nature of the SARS CoV-2 virus and the extent to which it has spread in such a short span. Till a vaccine is developed, the precautionary measures as advised by the WHO and other Medical Research institutions play a very important role in minimizing the further spread of the virus.

Several findings suggest that the virus discharged through droplets has the potential to stay in air for several hours and infect people if breathed in. In such conditions, Face Masks could help reduce transmission in the community to a great extent.

Considering the importance of an effective face mask, as the most important weapon in the fight against COVID-19, we have developed a range of masks with the cutting-edge technology which not only filters the microbes but also kills them.

The mask comprises of 3 layers of defensive shields made with advanced germieshield material making it impossible for any microbesand other pollutants to pass through,on the other hand, ensuring 100% respiratory comfort. With such a cutting-edge technology and an average lifespan of 6-8 months, this mask is far more protective yet reasonable than the other ordinary/ disposablemasks.

Why Germieshield?

The masks treated with Germiesheilds properties substantially reduces that risk by killing the virus in minutes after settling

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The virus and bacteria are a threat on soft surfaces like fabric masks where it survives for hours with risk of cross-contamination. If you put your hands on a regular mask to adjust it, remove, to wash or to wear it again, the virus could end up on your hand and then later on your mouth or eyes. The masks treated with germieshield properties substantially reduces that risk by killing the virus in minutes after settling. Also, when coughed or sneezed into an germieshield mask, positively charged ions in the fabric inhibits and eliminates bacteria on the surface of the mask making it safe while extended use.

On the other hand, although the surgical/ ordinary masks may effectively filter the viruses, however, these still stay alive on the mask for days and even multiply. This carries the risk of transmission and infection with every contact.

With effective germieshield properties embedded in the mask, this risk can be substantially diminished.

Germieshield masks also help to eliminate odor from use, which increases the likelihood to wear the mask regularly.


Durable with Protective properties

The long lasting protective features of the mask enables its extended use before wash. It has the strength to withstand 30-35 washes without losing any of its protective features. On an average, this all season face mask is durable for a period of 6-8 months assuming weekly wash under regular usage.

Designed to Protect

The scientifically designed 3 protective layers treated with our proprietary Protection technology offers the highest safety standards from the viruses and other microbes/ pollutants.

Outer Layer

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The outer layer which is treated with germieshield properties offers 3 stages of protection with such properties applied on the outer as well as inner side of the fabric and also embedded in the fabric itself. Each layer helps in combating and destroying the virus to the maximum.

Middle Layer

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The middle layer performs as a filter restricting the biotic ingredients on the outer and the inner layers to come in contact with each other during use as well as while wash.

Inner Layer

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The soft,humidity absorbing qualities and suitably engineered fit of the inner layer offers relaxed wear and respiration. This layer too is treated with germieshield properties protecting from viruses.




Three layered, pleated in front as well as back
texas plus three layered mask


Three layered, flat
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Rome, Rome Plus

The above range is available in following colours

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  • Safety: The continuous germieshield properties effectively destroys 99.9 % of the virus eliminating the risk of its transmission.
  • Reduces waste and related hazards: The extended use and durability reducesbio waste and the probability of virus contraction whereas handling and treatment of the ordinary disposed masks has high chances of transmitting the virus.
  • Purification: Has high levels of filtration performance compared to other masks.
  • Cost effective: With a lifespan of more than 6 months it is value for money as it costs far lesser than the other conventional masks.
  • Tested: Lab tested for breathability, bacterial and particulate filtration, germieshield properties as per ISO test standards.
  • Sustains all weather: The mask is designed to resist moisture, fluid splash, fading and mildew and is free from harmful toxins and irritants.

Fabric Technology with 6 Functional layers for Better Protection


Kills 99.9% of all harmful Micro-Organisms, Bacteria and Fungi. It destroys the growth of germs even up to 30 washing.


A 4 layered fused filter media (Spun Bond + Melt Blown + Melt Blown = Spun Bond) to provide >95% Particle filtration of >0.3 micron to help protect against bacterial and low viral road.


A strong Barrier for Liquid flashes protects from dangerous droplets, dust, smog, pollen, & pathogenic micro organisms.


A soft, completely Skin-Friendly, 100% cotton fabric. The moisture wicking makes the tightly woven fabric helps in absorption of sweat giving a dry cool feel with ease in breathing in the hot weather.

Ergonomic Superior Protection Superior Comfort


The mask is ergonomically designed for snug fit and large coverage of face. This provides adequate breathing space while walking and talking. The better fit also creates barriers for virulent drops and improves the mask efficacy.


Superior ear elastics on the outer mask edge avoids facial abrasion giving long term comfort. The adjustable stopper helps to fit on different face types, firmly and yet comfortably.


The outer layer is an open textured 100% Cotton fabric which is breathable, moulds to the face contours yet giving a comfortable fit.


The light and flexible nose-pin fits the mask securely at the nose bridge. The sturdy wide strip avoids gripping the nose and yet giving fit and prevents eye wear fogging.

Key Specifications

Meets Best Standards How Does It Destroys The Corona Virus
Breathability - Differential Pressure (Delta P) - IS 16289 Rapid and intensive oxidation reactions which lead to irreversible damage to the microorganism
Splash Resistance - ASTM F1862 The virus' outer lipid envelope is destroyed
Particulate Filtration Efficiency at 0.3 Microns (ASTM F2299) Oxidizes the core capsid and the single-stranded virus RNA
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2101) Virus surface (outer envelope): decay by lipid withdrawal
Flammability - 16 CFR. Protein modification of the envelope proteins
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Use and care guide:

  • General wearing methods and care should be followed while using, do not stretch the respiratory material with extra force;
  • Wash your hands with soap/ sanitizer before wearing and after each use;
  • Store separately in a dry place away from direct sunlight;
  • Wash once a week or as needed;
  • Gentle hand/ machine wash in cold water with a mild soap; do not bleach, iron or dry clean;
  • Wash upto maximum 35 times.


  • This mask is a protective gear and a precaution against the spread of virus and does not cures the disease or illness;
  • Do not use it if experiencing breathing problems; Consult a physician, if needed;
  • Follow the instructions and care properly while using.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. The reason being other masks claiming germieshield properties contain metal discharge technology which is harmful and may have side effects on its use. Our mask is free of such technique.

  • Our masks are treated with germieshield technology which have been scientifically proven to inactivate 99.9 % of the COVID-19 virus. The masks contains 3 levels of protection as shown in pictures above. These layers combat the virus in the most effective manner. Moreover, these properties withstand upto 30-35 washes offering same protection levels throughout.

  • Surgical and N95 masks were designed to protect the user from the particulate matters and pollution using conventional fabrics and were in existence before the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

    To understand why germieshield face masks should be used, it is important to look at how the virus that causes Covid-19 spreads in the first place.

    COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people via respiratory droplets and contact routes.

    Droplet transmission occurs due to exposure to potentially infective respiratory droplets, for example, through coughing, sneezing, etc., resulting in the inoculation of entry portals such as the mouth, nose or eyes. The virus when settled on surface, including traditional surgical/ N95 masks, survive for hours. These masks when touched while re-used/ disposed off carry high chances of virus transmission to the hands and other body parts of the user increasing the chances of infection.

    The germieshield treatment provides the superior functional capabilities providing an unmatched level of protection from the SARS CoV-2 by killing 99.9 % of the virus within minutes of contact, generating long lasting shield that eliminates the cross-contamination risk from touching the mask itself. This quality furthermore allows environmentally safer disposal than with traditional masks.

  • The mask is designed for a days’ use at a stretch with comfort.

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