ABOUT GermieShield

Germieshield is a Global Brand dedicated to providing treatments and additives for a variety of Textile products using a proprietary technology that is eco-conscious and future-oriented. The process uses significantly less or almost no water for polyester products. It eliminates toxic and harmful chemicals across the textile production chain moreover the performance of the extrusion in polyester provides additional benefits of antimicrobial properties in some cases for the lifetime of the product.

GermieShield as an additive used in the spinning process is designed to impart antimicrobial properties to manmade fibers and plastics. Antimicrobial when induced into the polyester/polypropylene fiber during the spinning procedure results in long lasting effects as it is embedded into the molecular structure making it much more potent killing 99.9% of all Microorganisms/Bacteria. GermieShield's dedicated team has designed applications for multiple fabric substrates. Click Here

It is characterized by broad-spectrum efficacy against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as fungi. It has high thermal stability and excellent dispersion. GermieShield has worked with multiple textiles producers across the world and has tie-ups with companies in Portugal, Germany, Brazil, China and India, For research and development purposes as well as giving some companies exclusive access for the usage of our technology and brand.


GermieShield's dedicated team has designed applications for multiple fabric substrates.








BCF Polyester

GermieShield has tied up with multiple manufacturers to cater to a variety of product ranges which include:



Wall Carpets

Cushions and Fillings

Area Rugs

Top of the Bed


Curtains and Shower Curtains


Medical Textiles

GermieShield has designed a process stability for applications through


Continuous Padding

Masterbatch For Extrusion

The Benefits to Manufactures using GermieShield

Economical, non-leaching agent with excellent durability

Can design a suitable substrate for all products and fibres mentioned above

Effective against Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria.

Passes AATCC 100, JIS L 1902

Passes AATCC 100-2012 ATCC 65838, ATCC 8739, JIS L1902:2015.

Germieshield Natural Antimicrobial

Introducing Germieshield Natural a new plant based natural odor control technology for textiles and polymers.

Natural composition
  • Based on peppermint oil, developed after years of research in Thailand.
  • Sourced from sustainable raw materials.
  • Antibacterial activity, passes ISO20743/JIS 1902/M100/JIS Z2801.
  • Unique technology.

Germieshield on Textiles
  • Two products for different applications.
  • Germieshield Natural 2L for polyester and polyester blend fabrics.
  • Germieshield Natural 2B for cotton and cotton blends, viscose and other cellulosic fibres. Will also work on nylon.

Odor Control
  • The reason for applying anti-odor treatments to textiles and polymers is to control perspiration odors, especially on polyester.
  • Polyester fibers absorb oils from our skin.
  • Odors are caused by bacteria feeding on those oils.
  • Bacteria give off gases during growth and those gases are our perspiration odors.
  • If we control the bacteria, we control the odors.

Germieshield Testing
  • Done at Intertek Taiwan.
  • JIS L1902, ISO20743, AATCC M-100, JIS Z2801 with Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and E Coli.
  • Also BTS India for Z2801 testing.
  • Expect to see 99% control on initial samples.

Germieshield Blue Test

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